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"Healthy Recipes with Food and Herbs"

Healthy Recipes for :
..Alcoholic Intoxication
..Bad Breath
..Boils & Carbuncles
..Breast Inflammation
..Chicken Pox
..Common Cold
..Diabetes Mellitus
..Eye, Dark Circles
..Eye, Pink
..Fishbone in Throat
..Hair Loss
..Lactation Cessation
..Loss of Appetite
..Memory Poor
..Menstruation, Painful
..Menstruation, Delayed
..Menstruation, Premature
..Pelvic Inflammatory
..Running Nose
..Skin Care
..Sore Throat
..White Hair

Acne pain is as much physical as it is psychological; and to many acne sufferers, the psychological torment often outstrips the physical misery. Come to learn more about the ailment and how you can control this skin disease with our 100% natural herbal formula. Above all, share your experience and grow with those of others. Click here to start getting back your natural complexion and confidence.

There's as much variation in menstruation as there is in women. The differences in period and rhythm could, in most cases, be perfectly normal. But when any menstrual symptom -- pain, heavy bleeding, delayed menstruation, missed periods -- begins to interfere with your life, it's time to seek medical attention. Click here to view some time-tested herbs and recipes that the Chinese have been using for thousands of years to counter menstruation problems.

Dishes prepared from some of our recipes could make your heart flutter and your taste buds dance. Some others may not fall within a connoisseur's selective list. But whatever the range of gourmet spectrum these recipes fall into, and they are all composed with common herbs or foods or both, they all can help to prevent diseases and promote your health. Click here to receive your free weekly healthy recipe.

Don't know a pea from a cow pea? With this compendium you will. Can't tell a longan from a lichi? With this compendium you can. What do sweet rice and radish have in common? It turns out both can be used to treat diabetes. How to achieve sexual high without taking drugs? Try Chinese chive, rooster or chicken liver. To find these and other useful applications of over 250 common foods we eat everyday, Just click here.
Lose weight through commonsense methods and natural herbal recipes. You don't want undesired side effects, plus you want to keep it off. Click here to have the joy of losing weight.

Reduced sex drive and poor sexual performance affect both men and women. Free well known recipes since ancient times for enhancing sexual desire, increasing libido, vitality, stamina and sexual performance. Click here to increase sex drive.

Everything you ever wanted to know about herbs, with over 300 fundamental herbs and their medicinal purposes. Tables complete with pictures and information arranged for ease of reference, including herbal and common names, origin, herbal properties, functions and applications, dosage and administration, cautions on use, traditional references, toxic and side effects, and modern researches.Click here to find the herb you are looking for.

The most important part of preventive health care is maintaining good health habits. This includes proper diet, daily exercise, weight control, avoidance of smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, among others. As far as proper diet is concerned, the Chinese has a way of understanding whether our body belongs to the cold-type or the hot-type; and once it is understood, we would know better the kind of food that is more suitable for our body. Click here to find out your body-type and the food that is suitable for your health.

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